St Kilda Residence

Location: Melbourne
Type: New Build
Stage: Complete

The task was to design a house for a growing young family that was a light, relaxed and uncomplicated place to call home. This was achieved by pushing the house to the southern boundary, locating circulation and utilitarian spaces along this edge and opening up living areas and bedrooms to the north. A central courtyard punctuates the plan, providing multiple connections to the surrounding garden and allowing penetration of light into the house. On the first floor, a central open play room separates the children’s bedrooms from the parent’s ‘wing’. A large screened terrace extends the master bedroom out into the canopy of the large plane trees lining the street. Joinery is used as a means of punctuating spaces, and facilitating moments of screening and revelation as you move through the house. The plan’s relative narrowness allows for cross ventilation and a significant slither of garden along the northern boundary.